Dachsound Audio Services Bathurst


Graham McNab 

​It's a combination of his background studying music technology, a history creating and writing music, his lengthy time in the corporate world alongside his experience as a performer and a tenacity for quality that led to the birth of Dachsound. 

For companies and small business, sometimes audio forms of advertising just aren't within financial reach.

Having to rely in big agencies can cost big money and often will take considerable time to create slowing your reaction to the market. Often cheaper options will leave your company sounding cheap.

For performers who want to get their voice out there, again it can be costly and opportunities can be missed.

For karaoke stars, often being recorded may seem like something that could never happen to you.

And for smaller theatre groups, professional sounding effects and sound design may seem way out of budget. 

At Dachsound, we make all of these things a reality and for much less than you think at a modern, fresh and highly professional quality.